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Online University & School Information System

The Well-Reputed School Management System UAE, USA & Global:

Every school management needs continuous support from the administrative logs to bring in a beneficial environment for the students. Although teachers are considered very important in running a school, the role of management also could be neglected in any way. The Expert School Management System UAE, USA & Worldwide helps both the teachers and the management to run the school in a perfect way. It carries various features that could help the teachers as audio/video resources. It also features different and encouraging modules to help the management to perform their tasks swiftly and efficiently, such as it provides functionalities for staff management logs, accountancy, stock management, and a number of other features.

It Can Also Manages Colleges and Universities:

The Technology Linkers’s school management system works not only for schools but in Colleges and Universities. It provides enough scope to manage the colleges and universities through every panel. The professors and lecturers could evenly utilize the features of this software to prepare an attractive lecture for their students. This software can maintain the students’ records and results and can pave the way for different events.

Student Record Keeping Now Becomes Easy:

In the present hour of uncertain and heinous activities, it is really important to have a sound School Information System in UAE, USA & all across the world. The Technology Linkers school management system provides a perfect detailed database system to store information about the students, their credentials, and their performance result. This software also helps keep track of their attendance as well as their login and logout history.

Our School Management Software Modules

The Dashboard deals with all types of inquiries received in regard to the hospital and in regard to the patients who are admitted or registered.

Salient Features Include:

  • Dashlet-driven dashboard
  • Innovative ‘Search bar’ enables operators to use School ERP System within seconds of login.
  • Expert School ERP software is designed for a great user experience with a user-friendly interface, making it easy to use for people who have ordinary knowledge of computer usage.
  • Easy to learn and easy to master
  • It makes its users able to easily access the latest news, Events, discussions, birthdays, leave applications

  • Inbuilt messaging system.
  • An easy and quick way to send messages to any user of the system.
  • Effective internal communication between administration, teachers, students, and parents.
  • Recording communications with students.
  • Auto-messaging about events, news, fee schedules, new forums and holidays, etc., personalized with your school.
  • Attach files with news

  • Generates Unique ID for every student.
  • Create a Comprehensive admission form.
  • Multiple guardian-adding facilities.
  • Emergency contact facility available.
  • Record previous educational performance.
  • Allows Customization.
  • Photo uploading facility
  • Allows recording of the Biometric ID of the students.
  • Manages student records with multiple document attachments.

  • Allows students to view their batches facilities
  • Allows operators access to see students’ profiles, educational reports, fee history, remarks, and other activities.
  • Keeps records of existing and former students.
  • Offers advanced search filters to see a particular student of any category or grade.

  • It allows searching any operator with the search bar.
  • It allows viewing any user profile based on the role.
  • It allows you to View/Edit users’ passwords and other privileges.
  • It also allows setting privileges for users.
  • It allows organizations to set standards for different roles based on their responsibility

  • It allows users to Create/edit/delete news.
  • It allows users to search for any news or old news.
  • Users can add News using a rich text format.
  • Users can manage comments in the published news.
  • Users can also Attach files to the news article.

  • Prepares online exams with auto mark calculation.
  • Creates an extensive report center.
  • Generates automated, quick, and on-demand exam reports
  • Provides Statistical chart reports.
  • Provides GPA, CCE, Normal, and CWA Evaluation methods.
  • Set up calculation formulas for CCE, GPA, and ICSE exams.
  • Allows ASL & 6th subject in CCE, CBSE prescribed report.
  • Generates all session-wise, semester-wise, rank-wise, batch-wise, and combined reports simultaneously.

  • Drag & drop options.
  • Subject limit per week alerts.
  • Candidate subject limits alerts.
  • Detects class period conflict or overlapping for teachers.
  • Create an advanced timetable.
  • Allows editing or deleting anything from the timetable.
  • Helps track multiple timetables
  • Allows employee work assignment
  • Allows monitoring of all the timetables in one view.

  • Easy attendance marking.
  • Options for writing remarks and any note
  • Attendance reports in multiple forms.
  • Filtering options are available.
  • Integration with hardware devices RFID and Biometrics.

  • Provides Initial details of the institute.
  • Date, Time, Country & Currency settings.
  • School/University Logo display options & permissions
  • General integrations, Unique ID generation, enabling Grade system for all users.
  • Courses & batch management.
  • Batch transfer and transfer certificate options.
  • Major and optional subject management.
  • Subject import/export options.
  • Editing in admissions form.
  • SMS module activation.
  • Automatic SMS alert options.
  • Auto messaging option for selected numbers.
  • SMS Group creation option.
  • Tutors assigning options for batches
  • Roll number allotment option.

  • Complete employee management.
  • Customizable admission forms.
  • Efficient payroll management.
  • Customized payroll form.
  • Automation pay loss calculation.
  • Pay-slip generation on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.
  • Efficient leave management system.
  • Authenticated pay slip approval.
  • Advanced filter-based search facility.

  • Comprehensive fee classification system.
  • Multi-tasking fee collection system.
  • Easy analysis of paid & unpaid fees.
  • Easy fee submission process.
  • Fee imports facility.
  • Instant fee payment and management system.
  • Fee receipt printing option.
  • Customized financial report generation.
  • Online payment facility.
  • Donation management.
  • Assets and liabilities management.

Pharmacy Software:

The Pharmacy Software is one of the handy modules of the Hospital Management Software that provides support in every chapter. This software maintains inventory management, accounting, the record of vendors and customers, and all the stock information. Our software is one of the highly advanced Hospital ERP systems that has served numerous hospitals, clinics, and pharmacy stores. Its response time, real-time transactions, and user-friendly interface make it an optimal business solution that has aligned plenty of features and functions to make your business flawless and faster. Ultimately, it is the fundamental tool that can help you grow your business.

Clinical Software:

Our Clinical Software is not just a data entry system that would generate data credential reports for you. Instead, it is a complete clinic management resource that assists in all the operations of a clinic. Whether it is concerned about the patient’s health, their history, or diagnostic reports, all are taken care of by the Clinical Software. It is part of one of the best Hospital Management Software that is recommended by most hospitals and clinics.

The Clinical Software has been created by expert developers using the industry’s best standards and advanced tools to bring in a resourceful clinical management suite.

OPD/ Inpatient Software:

The Hospital Management Software also offers OPD/ Inpatient Software, which is one of the essentials when it comes to managing a hospital. It aligns some necessary operations of the hospital under a single banner to let you save your time and energy. This software provides a base for data management, incorporates medical reports, keeps track of the patient’s health, and makes you stay updated about all the operations performed in the hospital or your clinic.

Further, it even provides a firm support for the referrals so that it may become an easy transition. Moreover, it adds effectiveness to the hospital’s performance.

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