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The Payroll Software Development in UAE, USA, and the World is one of the major ERP segments that has supported various business organizations. Our Payroll Software has strengthened the base of HR and payroll management, remuneration calculations, and various other operations relevant to the payroll. It carries numerous built-in features that make it easy to understand and use. Database management makes it easy to store the record of all the previous accumulations. This Payroll Software would never forget what your preferences are and will always stay with you wherever you go.

Payroll Software For Every Business:

This Payroll Software is for every business organization. This is the Payroll Software for Small businesses, medium-sized businesses, and corporate organizations. Its scalability expands to every business size and type. Furthermore, there are various customization and tailoring available for this enterprise resource. If you want to add a new feature or you want something to be excluded, it can be done within just a few moments. Along with that, you will get continuous support with this software so that you and your team may never have any trouble while using it.

Payroll Tracking System

Day-to-day payroll tracking is essential when you have to distribute bonuses and incentives. It becomes mandatory that you should have properly aligned data that could help you pay exactly the right amount your team members deserve. Moreover, it becomes quite hard when you manually have to manage these tasks. That is why we have enabled the payroll software to work with the Payroll Tracking Software that keeps on observing the progress of every team member. And with just a single click it can give you the complete amount to be distributed. This is the perfect way to save your budget and keep your team in high spirits.

Payroll Tracking Solutions Module

  • Alerts (Notification & reminders)
  • Noticeboard
  • Company policy
  • Employee profile
  • Employee leave details
  • Employee gratuity details
  • Staff Requests
  • Leave requests (Annual, sick, LOP, etc.)
  • Document requests (Salary certificate, NOC, etc.)
  • Staff loan requests
  • Reimbursement requests
  • Training requests
  • Business travel request
  • View and attached documents with requests
  • Online Pay slip generation

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